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People love to watch drama, comedy, horror, adventure, and action movies. These genres do well at the box-office and in DVD sales. Films that are not of the same genre can also be found. You might want to try them out if you have ever viewed free movies online.

Classic Movies. The Golden Age of Hollywood is also known as the mid-20th century. It produced many films that are considered to be landmarks in cinematic history.  soap2day  This era was dominated by stars like Bette Davis, Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe. Also directors such as Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock are some of the most prominent cinematic legends.

Biographical movies. These movies are about real people like entertainers, heroes and scientists. These movies do not attempt to cover every detail of a person’s life, but instead focus on a dominant theme and key highlights. Sometimes biographies are dramatized and include reenactment scenes that further illuminate the person's personality. They also address the historical and social realities of the time.

Family Movies. These films are aimed at a larger audience. Families are the main focus of these films. Family-oriented movies have scenes, themes, and dialogue that are generally positive and rated either PG (Parental Guidance), or G (General Audience) to ensure they are not a negative influence on children. These movies often teach moral lessons, such as listening to your parents and enjoying your family. The movies also address family issues that characters must resolve in order to live happily and ever after.

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Fantasy Movies. These movies offer a sense of escape. Fantasy movies are filled with magical creatures such as fairies, leprechauns and elves. To add drama, they often contain some drama and attempt to teach lessons about love, sacrifice, and life.

Animated Films. These films are a hit with children and young at heart, soap2day movies   but they can also appeal to more mature audiences. Animation films feature advanced graphics and CGI effects. They also feature fictional characters that are voiced by actors, most of whom are well-known. Many animated films are based upon comic characters and fairy tales. Some even parody these classic tales or retell them from an updated perspective.